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Hulk Hogan Profiles

Title History

NWA South Eastern Heavyweight title vanquishing Dick Slater;

AWA World Heavyweight title vanquishing Nick Bockwinkel now perceived (1982);

IWPG Heavyweight Tournament Winner vanquishing Antonio Inoki by misstep (June 2, 1983);

WWF Federation title vanquishing The Iron Sheik (January 23, 1984);

WWF Federation title vanquishing Randy "Macho Man" Savage (April 2, 1989);

WWF Federation title vanquishing Sgt. Butcher (March 24, 1991);

WWF Federation title vanquishing The Undertaker (December 3, 1991);

WWF Federation title vanquishing Yokozuna (April 4, 1993);

WWF Royal Rumble 1990 (January 21, 1990);

WWF Royal Rumble 1991 (January 19, 1991);

WCW World title vanquishing Ric Flair (July 17, 1994);

WCW World title vanquishing The Giant (August 10, 1996);

WCW World title vanquishing Lex Luger (August 9, 1997);

WCW World title vanquishing Randy Savage (April 20, 1998);

WCW World title vanquishing Kevin Nash (January 4, 1999);

WCW World title vanquishing Randy Savage (July 12, 1999);

WWE Undisputed Heavyweight title vanquishing Triple H (April 21, 2002);

WWE Tag Team titles w/Edge vanquishing Billy and Chuck (July 4, 2002); Hall of Fame Inductee (2005);

Profession Highlights

Terry Gene Bollea

August 11, 1953: Terry Gene Bollea was conceived in Augusta, Georgia.

Terry Gene Bollea was an unathletic kid who weighed 195 lbs. at 12 years old.

Terry Gene Bollea started investing energy at a Christian Youth Ranch at 14 years old.

~~~Reports of Terry Bollea being sent to a Sherrif's Boys Ranch are FALSE (Source: His collection of memoirs).

Terry Bollea moved on from secondary school and began at the Hillsborough Community College concentrating on business.

~~~After two years of school life, Bollea proceeded with his studies in business at the University of South Florida.

Terry Bollea was low maintenance muscle head, night club bouncer, yearning artist and full time bank employee.

Getting into the Business

1976: Terry Bollea was spotted ringside at a Florida enclosure by The Brisco Brothers and prepared under the tutelage of Hiro Matsuda.

Terry Bollea moved from his home in Tampa, Florida, and traveled west, where he started working out in Venice Beach, California.

Beginning in Wrestling

1977: Terry Bollea wrestled his first match under the pretense of the "Super Destroyer" on the Florida autonomous circuit.

August 25, 1977: Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) wrestled his first expert match as The Super Destroyer against Don Serrano.

Terry Bollea utilized the ring names "Sterling Golden" and "Terry Boulder" and was now and again oversaw by Jmmy Hart.

Terry Bollea got together with Andre the Giant, and immediately become friends with him outside of the ring, and battled inside the ring.

September 1979: Terry Bollea began acting as a heel for the NWA Georgia region under the name of "Sterling Golden".

Fall 1979: Terry Bollea (as Sterling Golden) reemerged in the Knoxville domain which was controlled by promoter Ron Fuller.

December 1979: Sterling Golden crushed Dick Slater to catch the NWA South Eastern Heavyweight title.

The site of the first Hulk Hogan versus Andre the Giant match was the old Houston Farm Center in Dothan, Alabama.

Right off the bat in his profession, Terry Bollea cooperated with "Discombobulated Hogan" who might later be known as Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake.

Mass Hogan quarreled with Jerry "The King" Lawlerin Memphis, Tennessee – one of the most sizzling domains on the planet.

Overall Wrestling Federation and Vince McMahon Sr.

1980: Terry Bollea got the attention of World Wide Wrestling Federation (New York region) promoter Vincent McMahon Sr..

Vince McMahon Sr. called him "Hogan" for his Irish legacy and "Mass" in light of the fact that he was manufactured like Lou Ferrigno, TV's Incredible Hulk.

Vince McMahon Sr. begun Hulk Hogan's WWWF profession off as a "heel" oversaw by the incredible Classy" Freddy Blassie..

~~~Despite being a colossal contender, the heel variant of Hulk Hogan didn't exactly get on with the New York fans.

Mass Hogan battled numerous Handicap matches to demonstrate his "Monster" quality this lead to a quarrel with Andre the Giant.

December 17, 1979 – WWF Wrestling: Hulk Hogan vanquished Ted DiBiase by accommodation.

January 1, 1980 – WWWF Wrestling: Hulk Hogan vanquished Tito Santana.

August 9, 1980 – Showdown At Shae: Andre The Giant vanquished Hulk Hogan.

September 22, 1980 – WWF at Madison Square Garden: Andre The Giant vanquished Hulk Hogan in a rematch.

Mass Hogan likewise got a few title shots at then WWF World champion Bob Backlund, however neglected to win the title.

Mass Hogan then left the World Wide Wrestling Federation and headed out to Japan, where he turned into a moment sensation.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Mass Hogan worked a few matches for Antonio Inoki's New Japan Pro Wrestling, frequently collaborating with Stan Hansen.

Walk 7, 1981: Antonio Inoki and Riki Chosyu vanquished Hulk Hogan and Perro Aguayoin Kisarazu, Japan.

American Wrestling Association

1981: Hulk Hogan came back to the United States and entered the Minnesota-based American Wrestling Association keep running by Verne Gagne.

Mass Hogan again began as a heel, however it didn't last as his prominence launch after he was give a role as "Thunderlips" in Rocky III in 1982.

The fans acknowledged Hulk Hogan and he was soon the greatest attract the AWA as he quarreled with AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel.

Mass Hogan almost crushed AWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkell for the title on a few events.

Mass Hogan occupied with a fight with the Heenan Family, and experienced everyone to get to World Champion Nick Bockwinkel.

1982: Hulk Hogan won a Battle Royal to acquire the shot at Nick Bockwinkel's World Heavyweight title..

Mass Hogan had Nick Bockwinkel stuck, however Bobby Heenan diverted him and tossed an outside item to Bockwinkel.

~~~Hulk Hogan captured and nailed Nick Bockwinkel with the remote article to put Bockwinkel down for the pin.

~~~Hulk Hogan celebrated as AWA champion, yet the belt was taken from him after the official checked on the tape.

Concerning Hogan and the AWA World Heavyweight title:

On the AWA (American Wrestling Association) official site they as of late made a declaration with respect to the April 24, 1983, AWA World title match between Champion Nick Bockwinkel and Challenger Hulk Hogan. The AWA now authoritatively archives this as a title change with Hogan winning the AWA title however then being stripped and the belt being come back to Bockwinkel that night. However the AWA now authoritatively perceives Hulk Hogan as a previous AWA World Heavyweight Champion.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

September 12, 1982 – NJPW: Andre the Giant vanquished Hulk Hogan by Countout in the wake of hitting Hogan with the ring chime making him drain.

~~~After the match; Hulk Hogan bodyslammed Andre the Giant!

June 2, 1983: Hulk Hogan retreated to New Japan to enter the IWPG 10-Man Tournament in the Heavyweight Division.

~~~Hulk Hogan vanquished Killer Kahn, Big John Studd, Rusher Kimura, El Canek, Enrique Vera, Otto Wanz, and Akira Maeda.

~~~Hulk Hogan likewise battled to a draw with the fanciful Antonio Inoki and the gigantic genius Andre the Giant.

~~~Hulk Hogan and Antonio Inoki wound up with the same measure of focuses so they conflicted in a finals.

~~~Antonio Inoki was occupied to win the match, yet inadvertently thumped himself out, and Hulk Hogan concealed it.

~~~The official included Antonio Inoki down coming about Hulk Hogan winning the first ever IWGP Heavyweight Tournament.

~~~Years later, a previous New Japan official uncovered that the whole episode was organized to mix up reputation for a rematch.

June 14, 1984 – New Japan Pro Wrestling: Antonio Inoki crushed Hulk Hogan to win the IWGP Heavyweight title.

World Wrestling Federation – Hulkamania is Born!

Late 1983: Hulk Hogan re-marked with the WWF, enrolled by Vince McMahon Jr. to be the advancements "Picked One".

January 23, 1984: WWF Champion The Iron Sheik was planned to face previous champion Bob Backlund for the WWF title.

~~~However, Bob Backlund was allegedly harmed (neck), so Hulk Hogan ventured up to the plate and took his place.

~~~Hulk Hogan strolled into Madison Square Garden in New York as the challenger, and left as WWF Heavyweight champion!

~~~Hulkamania was Born, and "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan developed into a national wonder and commenced a media domain.

July 23, 1984 – Brawl to End It All: Hulk Hogan crushed Greg "The Hammer" Valentineto hold the WWF Heavyweight Title.

World Wrestling Federation – WrestleMania 1

February 18, 1985 – War To Settle The Score: Hulk Hogan (w/Cindi Lauper and Lou Albano) crushed Roddy Piper w/Bob Orton by exclusion.

1985: While advancing the up and coming WrestleMania, Hulk Hogan showed up on a syndicated program with TV character Richard Belzer.

~~~In an endeavor at showing a wrestling hold, Belzer went out and hit his head into a table, standing out as truly newsworthy.

Roddy Piper's fight against Hollywood brought about Mr. T joining the WWF to Hulk Hogan go up against Piper and Bob Orton.

Mass Hogan and Mr. T set out on a reputation visit and showed up all over the place from Regis and Kathy Lee to NBC's Saturday Night Live.

WrestleMania: Hulk Hogan and Mr. T w/Jimmy Snuka crushed Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff w/Bob Orton.

Might 10, 1985 – Saturday Night's Main Event: Hulk Hogan vanquished Bob Orton to hold the WWF Title.

World Wrestling Federation – Defending the WWF Championship

June 21, 1985 – WWF Wrestling: Hulk Hogan vanquished Don Muraco in a Steel Cage Match to hold the WWF Title.

August 17, 1985 – WWF Wrestling: Hulk Hogan vanquished Brutus Beefcake to hold the WWF Title.

October 3, 1985 – Saturday Night's Main Event: Hulk Hogan vanquished Nikolai Volkoff in a Flag Match to hold the WWF Title.

November 1, 1985 – Saturday Night's Main Event: Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant vanquished King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd 

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